Ketogenic Diet – The New Paleo?

The Ketogenic diet is very unique, as it comprises of foods low in carbohydrates and very high in fat. It is also labelled the ‘low carb diet’. In reducing how many carbohydrates are eaten, people are put into a state known as ‘Ketosis’ (or metabolic state) which is when fats in the liver are broken down. This in turn has a range of healthy benefits.

There are four kinds \of Ketogenic diets: Standard, Cyclical, Targeted, and High Protein. Each bend the intake of protein and fat differently.

Body fat is used as energy, so it is much easier to lose weight. Blood sugar levels are also lessened with this process, and can even prevent diabetes.

Lowering carbohydrates and increasing fatty acids can also result in a concentrated mental performance, and ultimately improves the functionality of the brain. It helps people to feel energised, and can even aid cases of high cholesterol and blood pressure. Low-carb and high-fat is an obvious plus when choosing the Ketogenic diet.

Foods that cannot be eaten include grains, sugar, fruit and tubers, as meats, greens, high-fat dairy, nuts, berries, sweeteners and other fats such as coconut oil is very strictly preferred. The diet is also moderate in protein-based food.

As for the diet specifically, it could integrate coconut porridge or scrambled eggs for breakfast, low-carb meat pie or savory pancakes for lunch, or garlic chicken or low-carb cabonara. It is fact that this diet is clearly substantial for the body, and can successfully improve the health of those who consume such a diet.